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Especially in the field of ebooks, apple is well known for being one of Amazon's main rivals in the self-publishing industry. Apple books were formerly solely accessible to Mac users. What's the problem with PC now? Apple Book Publishing recognized this problem, and as a result, Apple Book for Authors is now available. This implies that it is accessible to both PC and Mac users, so regardless of the platform you use, you may access Apple Books. Leveraging this update many well-known authors are taking advantage of this platform now, so what are you waiting for? Need help? We at SPH help you achieve the goal of publishing your book on one of the prestigious platforms.

Elevate Your Publishing Game with the Apple Books Store

Reach Millions of Readers

One of the key reasons to publish on the iBook Store is its large customer base. Apple has sold more than 1.2 billion iPhones, and millions of users around the world are actively using Apple Books. This means that authors who publish their books through Apple self-publishing have access to a vast potential audience.

Make Book Publishing a Breeze

Publishing on ibookstore is user-friendly, making it easy for readers to find and purchase e-books. Once you publish through the apple books self-publishing platform, it is available for purchase immediately. Readers can search for books by author, title, or topic, and can browse books in a range of categories. This ease of use can translate to more book sales and greater exposure for authors.

Maximize Your Earnings

Another advantage of publishing on the iBooks Store is the high royalty rates. Apple books publishing offers authors a 70% royalty rate for books sold in the US, Canada, and most European countries. This means that authors can earn a significant amount of money for each book sold.

Streamlined Publishing

Apple self-publishing is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps. You can use Apple's free iBooks Author software to create your e-book, or you can use a third-party service like Draft2Digital or Smashwords to format and upload your book, where Smith Publishing House can help. Once your book is ready, you can publish it on the Apple Books Store and start selling immediately.

Maximize Your Exposure

ibookstore self-publishing offers a range of promotional tools that can help authors reach more readers. For example, Apple has a built-in recommendation engine that suggests books to readers based on their previous purchases. They also have a range of free promotional tools, including iBooks Author templates, marketing guides, and social media graphics that authors can use to promote their books

The Perfect Combo: Why Audiobook and Ebook Seamless Integration on Apple Books Store is a Game-Changer

What is Seamless Integration?

Seamless integration is the process of combining multiple formats of a book into a single, cohesive product. In the case of Apple Books Publishing, ebooks and audiobooks are seamlessly integrated, allowing readers to switch between reading and listening to a book with ease. This integration provides readers with a more immersive reading experience and can increase sales for authors.

How Does It Work?

Apple Publishing seamlessly allows you to integrate ebooks and audiobooks through the use of the Books app. Readers can purchase both the ebook and audiobook versions of a book, and the app will automatically sync their progress between the two formats. This means that readers can start reading a book on their ebook version and continue listening to it on their audiobook version without losing their place. The seamless integration also includes features such as automatic bookmarking and the ability to change the playback speed.

Benefits for Readers

The seamless integration of ebooks and audiobooks on the Apple Books Store provides many benefits for readers. Firstly, it allows them to switch between reading and listening to a book without any interruptions. This means that readers can continue enjoying their book even when they are unable to physically read it, such as when they are driving or exercising. Additionally, the integration provides a more immersive reading experience, as readers can listen to a professional narrator bringing the story to life.

Benefits for Authors

The seamless integration of ebooks and audiobooks by publishing on the iBook Store also provides benefits for authors. Firstly, it allows them to reach a wider audience by catering to both ebook and audiobook readers. This can lead to increased sales and exposure to their work. Additionally, the seamless integration through publishing to ibook store can lead to increased engagement with readers, as they are more likely to purchase both versions of the book and become more invested in the story.

Avail of this feature!

The seamless integration of ebooks and audiobooks through Apple Books Self-Publishing provides many benefits for both readers and authors. It creates a more immersive reading experience and allows authors to reach a wider audience. If you're an author considering audiobook publishing, it's worth taking advantage of the seamless integration on the Apple Books Store. By providing your readers with a seamless reading experience, you can create a loyal fan base and increase your chances of success in the publishing industry.

Streamline Your EBook Publishing Process with Our Apple Books Store Services

  • Expertise and Knowledge: Publishing an ebook requires a specific set of skills and knowledge. By working with our publishing services provider, you can tap into our expertise and experience in ebook publishing. We know the ins and outs of the Apple publishing process, from formatting your book to ensuring it meets the Apple Books Store guidelines. We can also provide guidance on pricing, marketing, and distribution, helping you to make informed decisions about your book.

  • Time and Efficiency: Publishing on ibook store can be a time-consuming process, especially if you're doing it on your own. By working with a publishing services provider, you can save time and streamline the publishing process. We can handle the technical aspects of publishing, such as formatting and uploading your book, while you focus on writing and promoting your book. This can help you to publish your book faster and more efficiently, getting your book in front of readers sooner.

  • Quality Control: When you work with our publishing services provider, you can ensure that your book meets the highest quality standards. We can help you to edit and proofread your book, ensuring that it is free from errors and mistakes. We can also assist with cover design, ensuring that your book stands out on the Apple Books Store. By ensuring the quality of your book, you can increase the chances of it being successfully published in the iBook store.

  • Distribution and Marketing: Publishing your book is only the first step in getting it in front of readers. By working with a publishing services provider, you can tap into their distribution and marketing channels. We can help you to distribute your book to the Apple Books Store and other major ebook retailers, reaching a wider audience of readers. We can also provide marketing and promotion services, helping you to build your author platform and increase your book's visibility on the Apple Books Store.


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Apple Books Publishing has been a major player in the ebook market since its launch in 2010. Over the years, it has undergone several changes and improvements to provide a better user experience and attract more readers and authors. The future of Apple Publishing looks promising, the phenomenal integration with Apple's other products and services, such as the iPhone, iPad, and Mac has made this platform more user-friendly hence making it a lucrative income source for the upcoming or seasonal authors. Another feature that makes it a safer option in near future is Apple Books Store’s emphasis on quality and curation. Unlike other ebook retailers that allow anyone to publish and sell their ebooks, Apple Books Store has a more selective approach. It requires authors to go through a rigorous review process to ensure that their ebooks meet the quality standards and guidelines of Apple Book Publishing. This curation helps to maintain a high standard of ebooks on the platform and provides readers with a better reading experience. In terms of the future of Apple Self-publishing, it is difficult to predict with certainty. However, based on the current trends, it is likely that Apple Books Self-publishing will continue to evolve and adapt to the changing market conditions and user preferences. One possible trend is the increasing demand for audiobooks. Apple Books Store has already started to offer audiobooks alongside ebooks, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. As more people adopt audiobooks as a preferred reading format, Apple Books Store may focus more on developing its audiobook offerings and providing better tools and resources for authors to create and publish audiobooks. Therefore, it is the best time to become an iBook store publisher. Explore this side with a free consultation call at Smith Publishing House!

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