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Did you know that Ingram Spark Publishing does not only offers self-publishing services but also a distribution service? Yes, it is famous for its user-friendly self-publishing services, however, it has a well-defined and well-organized global network known as Global Connect Program. This helps indie authors to become international authors within a short period of time. At Smith Publishing House, we have witnessed the amazing success of new authors through Spark Publishing. Our dedicated team for Ingram Spark publishers works with a 360 approach in which our team navigates an author from formatting to marketing to making their home in the hearts of millions of readers!

Abode in the hearts of your lovely readers with Ingram Spark publisher

Ingram spark publishing provides you with certain perks that make you want to use it and make that abode in the hearts of your lovely readers;

Print-on-Demand (POD) Services

Publishers can benefit from print-on-demand (POD) services with the help of Ingram self-publishing, which means that books are printed only when they are purchased. This can lessen the initial costs of publishing as well as the chance of overprinting and having extra copies that aren't sold. This is a huge advantage considering the shortage of wood to supply paper-making industries.

Book Creation Tools

Ingram book publishers have the fortunate opportunity of having been provided with a range of book creation tools, such as free ISBNs, internal formatting templates, and cover design templates. These tools are made to make it simple for publishers to produce books with a polished and neat appearance.

Payment and royalties

Ingram Spark Publishing provides reasonable royalties, which can change based on the retailer and the book's format (print or e-book). Payments are made on a regular basis, and publishers can monitor their sales and profits through the Spark publishing dashboard.

Marketing and Promotion

Marketing helps customers in their buying decisions and so to assist publishers in drawing attention to their works, IngramSpark self-publishing offers a variety of marketing and promotional tools. In addition to a range of marketing services like book reviews, press releases, and social media promotion, this also includes access to promotional items like bookmarks, flyers, and postcards.

Global Distribution

Ingram Spark Publishing has a sizable distribution network that encompasses well-known bookshops, libraries, and internet merchants everywhere in the world. This implies that a publication company may be able to connect with an extensive audience.

E-book Conversion and Distribution

Billions of readers use eBooks. So luckily, publishing companies can produce and distribute e-book versions of their books using Ingram Spark Publishing’s e-book conversion and distribution services. Major online bookstores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple iBooks all sell these e-books.

Go Global, Go Ingram with Global Connect

Ingram's Global Connect program is a blessing in disguise for those who want to expand their reach, here is how:

Universal Reach

The main benefit of Ingram's Global Connect program is that it provides publishers with access to a global distribution network. This means that your book will only be an Ingram book but can be distributed to major booksellers, libraries, and retailers all around the world. By reaching a wider audience of readers, publishers can increase their sales and revenue.

Localized Promotional Marketing

The Global Connect program of Ingram Spark self-publishing also provides publishers with localized marketing and sales support. Ingram has partnerships with local distribution partners in many countries, which allows publishers to tailor their marketing and sales strategies to local audiences. This can help to improve the visibility and marketability of their books in different regions.

Save $$$

Using the Global Connect program of Ingram Spark publishing can be a cost-effective way to expand a publisher's reach globally. Instead of setting up individual distribution agreements with partners in different countries, publishers can use Ingram's existing network with budget-friendly Ingram pricing to reach international audiences. This can help to reduce the costs and administrative burden of international distribution.

Streamlined Management

Ingram's Global Connect program provides a centralized management platform that allows publishers to manage all of their international distribution from one place. This can help to streamline the distribution process and make it easier for publishers to manage their international sales and marketing efforts.

Access to Data and Analytics

Ingram Spark eBook publishing's Global Connect program provides publishers with access to data and analytics on their international sales performance. This can help publishers to make informed decisions about their marketing and distribution strategies and to identify new opportunities for growth in different regions.

Make your life easier with our assistance in publishing on Ingram Spark publishing!

Smith publishing house provides its clients with a variety of services that helps them in being effective user of Ingram self-publishing

  • Manuscript editing: A book needs to be edited and proofread before publication to make sure there are no mistakes and that it is read easily. We help our customers to get their books ready for publication at Ingramspark self-publishing providing manuscript editing services. Copy editing, line editing, and progressive editing are a few examples of this.

  • Cover Design: Book covers are an essential part of any book. They are the first thing people see and can make or break a sale. Covers should be attractive and exciting, but they should also accurately represent the book’s content. Since consumers frequently focus on a book's cover first, it's critical to make it appealing and polished-looking. Thus, we assist our customers in creating a cover that will stick out on the shelf.

  • Inner Formatting: Another crucial step in the publishing process is the inner design of a book. Our team will gladly help you in creating a layout that is both visually pleasing and easy to read by providing interior formatting services. Get your chance of getting on the list of best books at Ingram Spark publishing 2x times greater with Smith Publishing House.

  • ISBN registration: As a publishing company, we assist our customers in obtaining an ISBN through IngramSpark Publishing, allowing them to distribute and market their books through well-known booksellers.


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Our publishing services can help you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to reach a global audience by publishing on Ingram. Whether you're an upcoming author or a seasoned publisher, we provide thorough Ingram Spark Publishing services that are tailored to your particular requirements. Our team of publishing professionals will walk you through each step of the procedure, from formatting your manuscript to designing a stunning book cover and perfecting your book description. In order to reach a larger audience and boost your sales, we'll also assist you in leveraging the strength of Ingram Spark’s self-publishing 48 hours publishing, marketing, and distribution networks. You may advance your work and position yourself as a key figure in your genre with our assistance.

Are you eager to release your book on Ingram Publishing and reach a worldwide audience? Get a free estimate from us today and find out more about our Ingram Spark Book Publishing services. Let us assist you in making the dream of getting published through Ingram Spark happen.

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