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Hello there and welcome to Smith Publishing House, where we believe that a book trailer can be just as impactful as a movie trailer. We specialize in creating captivating video book trailers that help authors reach a wider audience, generate buzz and excitement, and ultimately increase book sales. We understand that it can be difficult for authors to stand out in a crowded market, which is why we've made it our mission to help them grab the attention of potential readers in a way that is visually stunning and unforgettable. Our team of talented video book trailer production is passionate about the power of storytelling, and we know how to translate a book's unique narrative into a visually compelling trailer that captures the essence of the story. So, whether you're a self-published author or a traditionally published one, read on to discover how we can help you take your book to the next level.

Transform Your Book into a Visual Masterpiece: SPHs Video Production Services for Authors

They Make You More Prominent

Video book trailers are a relatively recent innovation on the industry today. You must recognize the significance of current trends, though. They allowed you to have a special location today. Therefore, you must add new contemporary trends into your marketing methods if you want to stand out and make the list of best-sellers. Therefore you should choose our video book trailer services.

You Attract the Most Traffic

When writing a book, you employ fresh tactics in an effort to boost sales and increase traffic. However, because video trailers are typically more beautiful, they assist you drive as much visitors as possible to your main website. The tactic is both fresh and ground-breaking. As a result, you need to bring in our video book trailer production experts to help you with your marketing strategies.

It Aids in Visualization

It is crucial to realize that online customers adore animated images. They will always be drawn to color components, such artwork, motion graphics, animation, or even images, instead of text. Here, you need to step up your game and work with our wonderful team of video book trailer production who is skilled at making video trailers. The book's overall genre must be reflected in the trailer in order for it to succeed in the crowded market.

Improves Your Communication

It is a proven truth that a one-minute long video has the same writing capacity of 1.8 million words. That demonstrates the potency of a video trailer. As an author, you get to say a lot in only one minute. The concept only makes sense if you are familiar with making video trailers. To rapidly draw in the target audience, our video book trailer services create a book trailer that is succinct, interesting, and pertinent.

It Aids in Communicating Your Message

Humans process images 60,000 times more quickly than any other type of text. The speed is simultaneously stunning and fairly swift. These facts must be incorporated into our marketing plans. To create a book trailer that will help you get the most book sales, you must work with SPHs creative video book trailer production. In today's environment of increasing competition, it is essential to stand apart. Video book trailers are the ideal hook for this. It aids in more quickly communicating our point.

Its Message Is Special

Our video book trailer production provide you with a video book trailer that is distinctive in order to stand out in the crowded market. It's crucial to have a distinctive message and a strong internet presence. our video book trailer services will greatly assist your book because effective marketing strategies and outstanding writing help you get greater results.

Get Noticed with Our video book trailer services-Our Unique Process

  • Consultation: Speaking with the author or publisher is typically the first stage in our procedure of creating a book trailer. Our team of Video book trailer production will learn more about the book's plot, themes, and intended readership at this point. They will also talk about any special demands or requirements, as well as the author's vision for the video trailer.

  • Concept Development: Our team of Video book trailer production will then create a concept for the video trailer based on the consultation. This involves selecting the trailer's visual aesthetic, musical composition, and tone as a whole. To lay out the scenes and shots, they might also write a script or create a storyboard.

  • Pre-production: Our Video book trailer production crew will start pre-production as soon as the concept has been approved. Scouting sites, casting performers (if necessary), and procuring any equipment or props required are all included in this. They will also create a shot list and shooting timetable.

  • Production: The video trailer is filmed during the production stage. A multitude of methods, including live-action filming, animation, or a hybrid of the two, can be used for this. To make sure that the movie stays true to the book's story and vision, SPHs book trailer video production team will collaborate with the author or publisher.

  • Post-Production: The video enters this stage once filming is over. The footage is combined here, any necessary special effects are added, and music and sound effects are also included. To make sure the film looks clean and expert, our video book trailer production crew will also work on colour grading and correction.

  • Approval and Feedback: After the video is finished, the creator or publisher will have a chance to review and offer suggestions. Based on the comments, our book trailer video production team will make any necessary alterations or modifications.

  • Delivery: Our video book trailer production will send the video to the author or publisher in the preferred format as soon as the final version has been authorized. The video trailer can then be utilized by the author or publisher for advertising functions, such as on social media, in book trailers, or through other marketing channels.


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"It was a complete pleasure working with you. Your video book trailer production team spent a lot of time getting to the core of my book, which they then translated into a stunning, captivating video trailer that precisely encapsulated. Since releasing the video, book sales have increased noticeably, and I'm incredibly appreciative of their knowledge and assistance.” - Knight Thomberson

“The professionalism and ingenuity that your video book trailer production crew brought to the table completely astounded me. They were able to transform my idea for the trailer into a breathtaking visual work of art that stopped me in my tracks. The experience was made a joy by their meticulous attention to detail and desire to go above and above to ensure everything was flawless.” - Evangeline Goodwill

“As a self-published author, I was unsure of where to turn for marketing assistance, but your book trailer video production team was far beyond my expectations. Your team of professionals spent the time to get to know me and my work, and as a result, they were able to create a book trailer that appealed to readers on various platforms. I'm overjoyed with the outcomes and heartily endorse their services to any author trying to advance their book.” - Olivia Poppy

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