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How tiring would it be to write amazing but long chapters of your book? And then after editing and proofreading you have to find storefront/s of your liking and then get them to publish your book. Then you’ve also got to wait for it to be approved and reviewed. Well, you’ve got nothing to worry about if you have draft2digital publishing as your savior. As an aggregate publishing platform, draft2digital self-publishing distributes content to a number of online shops and subscription services. When you publish with draft2digital publishing as opposed to Amazon kdp, you have more distribution choices for your work outside of a single major retailer. Let’s get started!

Why publishing on draft2digital is the best option for you;

Draft2digital distributors

Draft2digital ebook publishing currently distributes to iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Kobo Plus, inktera, Scribd, 24Symbols, tolino, Playster, and their newest addition, overdrive. Ingram, Google Play, and Amazon are among the platforms that Draft2digital publishing is considering. If they are successful in getting onto one of these channels of distribution, draft2digital book publishing may very well become the go-to option for independent authors.

Costs, royalties, and payments

Like other self-publishing platforms, Draft2digital publishing lets you start up an account and upload your content. This is where SPH comes for the rescue. Since Draft2digital book publishing only receives a portion of your book sales, they are not compensated unless you are. At the majority of online retailers, their charge equals roughly 10% of the retail price or, more precisely, 15% of net royalties. Every 30 days should be expected, but only in accordance with the specific online merchant. Most of the time, the payoff does not occur until 60 days after the month's end. Depending on your preferences, they can pay you by cheque, PayPal, Payoneer, or direct deposit, isn’t this the great? This alternative should be enjoyed as draft2digital is the best in terms of accepting all payment methods.

Auto formatting software

The auto-formatting software at draft2digital book publishing is one of the best aspects of the service. You only need to upload a document with plain chapter titles and standard print. They then perform the bulk of the labor. They also include options for copyright, about the author, email notifications, other works, and creating a title page, among many other things. The interior looks almost flawless.


Despite being available since 2018, Draft2Digital publishing's print-on-demand service is still considered to be in beta. But you shouldn't be alarmed by that. You shouldn't have any trouble using this service to have your book printed because it is totally functional. Presently, they distribute the POD books to Amazon and through the major book distributor, Ingram. You must certainly cover the costs of printing, and after deducting the printing costs, which differ from book to book for a variety of reasons, you can anticipate making about 45% of your list price. Your print manuscript will cost money if you need to make changes to it within 90 days of uploading it. This price differs from book to book, just like the printing fee does. Having said that, you can update the print book without charge by waiting 90 days.

Universal book links (UBLs)

Sending customers to the retailer of their choice is one of the challenges faced by popular authors. Yes, you may copy all the cumbersome, lengthy book links from every platform. Alternatively, you can use Draft2Digital book publishing to build a global book connection. By doing this, you can give all of your readers a single link that will let them select the retailer of their choosing. Also, you may now include links to your book's audio versions using Draft2Digital ebook publishing! Additionally, you may view the number of clicks each UBL has received on your UBL dashboard. Really cool no?

Pages for Books2Read Authors

Draft2Digital book publishing will automatically build an author page once you've created a UBL. If you have created a UBL for each of your books, this landing page will promote your work and make it simple for readers to locate your books at their preferred retailer. Some writers don't have websites; instead, they use their Books2Read author page. In addition to their website, others use it. You may add social media links, an author photo, a bio, and links to your author newsletter to personalize your author profile. You can also select the book that is featured above the fold and edit the copy to your preference.

Book Tabs on Books2Read

A book tab is a page designed just to highlight a single book if you consider your author page to be a place to highlight all of your works. You can link readers to a book tab directly, or they can click on the book thumbnail on your author page to go there. Your book tabs can also be slightly customized, much like your author page. You can add a tag to let readers know, among other things, if the book is free, on sale, or the first in a series. A book tab will be established automatically for every book for which you create a Universal Book Link. You can then enter and make a change.

Sales tracking

Naturally, any aggregator worth its salt must provide you with a simple method for viewing sales data. After all, independent authors manage their own publishing houses. And you must be able to determine whether your efforts are paying off. Fortunately, Draft2Digital book publishing makes this simple with their royalty payment monitoring and sales data.

Draft2Digital vs. Other Self-Publishing Platforms: Why Draft2Digital Comes Out on Top

  • User-Friendly Interface: One of the key advantages of Draft2Digital Publishing is that it offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for authors to upload and format their books. Publishing a book on the draft2digital platform automatically converts your manuscript into different e-book formats and distributes it to a wide range of online retailers, including Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and more. Unlike other platforms, there is no need to upload different versions of your book, saving the authors’ valuable time.

  • Amazon KDP, in comparison, has a slightly more complex interface that may be challenging for new authors. Smashwords, on the other hand, offers a wide range of formatting options, but authors must upload their books in Microsoft Word format, which can cause issues with formatting. IngramSpark is user-friendly, but they charge a fee for each book uploaded.

  • Distribution Channels: Another advantage of the Draft2Digital Self-Publisher platform is that it offers a wide range of distribution channels. The draft2digital ebook publishing helps in distributing e-books to over a dozen online retailers, including Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and others. It also offers print-on-demand services through partners like Amazon and IngramSpark. This means that authors can reach a wide audience through multiple sales channels.

    Amazon KDP is the largest online retailer and offers the widest reach, but it also has strict terms and conditions. Smashwords also offers a wide range of distribution channels but has a limited selection compared to Draft2Digital. IngramSpark has a vast distribution network, but authors must pay a fee for each book uploaded.

  • Royalty Rates: Draft2Digital book publishing offers higher royalty rates than many of its competitors, taking only a small percentage of royalties from book sales. This means that authors can earn more money for their hard work. For e-books, Draft2Digital offers 85% of the net royalties, while Amazon KDP offers only 70% for most books. Smashwords offers only 60-80% depending on the retailer, while IngramSpark offers 40-70% depending on the format and distribution channel.

  • Promotional Tools and Resources: Draft2Digital self-publishing also offers a range of promotional tools and resources that can help authors reach more readers. They have a built-in marketing tool called Books2Read that allows authors to create a customized landing page for their book and track clicks and sales. They also have a range of free resources, including a formatting guide, marketing tips, and a blog that offers advice on all aspects of self-publishing.
    Amazon KDP has an advertising program called Amazon Advertising, but it can be expensive and confusing for new authors. Smashwords offers a marketing tool called Smashwords Coupons, but it has limited functionality. IngramSpark offers a range of marketing services, but they can be expensive


Upcoming on D2D

Now that we've discussed the main Draft2Digital book publishing features currently available, it's time to consider the future. The acquisition of Smashwords by Draft2Digital Publishing will probably have a significant impact on independent publishing. The results of this merging will be implemented progressively over time in order to prevent interruptions. The majority of authors appear pleased about this, which is really exciting. Some authors of erotica are concerned because they have never experienced problems with Smashwords publishing but have in the past with Draft2Digital publishing. Erotica authors won't be left behind in the merger, according to D2D, so there is no need to be concerned.

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