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Smith Publishing House knows firsthand how challenging it can be for authors to promote their books effectively. Even the most talented writers can struggle to get their work noticed in today's crowded marketplace. That's why we are thrilled to offer a comprehensive suite of book marketing services that can help authors achieve their publishing goals. With our expertise, creativity, and commitment to quality, we can help authors make their books stand out and reach a wider audience. So without any further due, let’s read why our book promotion services are what you’re missing out as an author.

Unlock Your Book's Potential: The Power of Professional Book Marketing

Turn on your saving mode with us

You have always had to watch your expenditures as a self-published author when it comes to publishing and marketing. You may publish your book online for free using one of the many available online publishers. However, you will wind up spending a fortune if you choose traditional advertising for your book marketing. But, if you choose us who specializes in book promotion, you'll be able to get the same or even greater results without blowing a huge hole in your wallet. In the end, you save money on marketing while getting better outcomes.

Make your online presence stronger

If you want to quickly find success with your book online, you must build a strong online presence. The internet exposure and visibility of your book are increased by our book promotion services using a variety of methods and resources. They write press releases about your book and distribute them to hundreds of significant and pertinent media outlets, giving you a lot of press publicity. They also increase your online presence by posting blogs, reviews, news, and other content about your book on numerous websites and platforms. Every time they publish content, they check to see if it is search engine friendly.

Generates positive attention on social media with us

It is clear that social media has a place in the marketing world. Publishing houses, like ourselves, that promote books are aware that spreading buzz about your book on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others may provide you a lot of online exposure to a larger range of people. If the readership enjoys your book, this will assist you spread the word about your writing. With the aid of our book promotion service, you can develop a stronger and more intimate relationship with your audience on social media platforms.

Get higher engagement

One of the key goals of our book promotion services is to draw in people who might be genuinely interested in your work. Our team of book marketing and promotion choose the correct target demographic and target only them with their advertising. In this manner, your book obtains only natural views from actual readers. You get more reviews and higher ratings, which help to establish your authority in the literary community.

Take advantage of our revenue-oriented marketing

Selling as many books as possible is a writer's main objective. Our team of online book marketing provide innovative marketing strategies for your publications that result in significant sales. To ensure that your books receive the most audience interaction possible within a short period of time, they use expertise from their years of experience as well as the most recent trends in the literary world. Your sales will increase more quickly the more regularly you use these services. Because they are tailored for each book depending on its genre, target market, and author preferences, our book marketing plans about marketing campaigns are generally successful.

Our proven marketing process; authors’ proven success

  • Research and analysis: The first step in our book marketing services is research and analysis of the target audience. In order to choose the most effective marketing strategy, this involves determining the target market, investigating similar books, and examining market trends.

  • Creating a Marketing Plan: After the research and analysis are finished, a thorough book marketing plan is created. This entails establishing the marketing goals, choosing the most effective marketing avenues, developing a marketing budget, and establishing an implementation schedule.

  • Making a Book Cover: Making a captivating and intriguing book cover is one of the most crucial components of book marketing services. Potential readers frequently see this first, and it has a significant impact on whether or not they decide to buy the book. We advise our clients to work with a qualified book cover designer that can assist authors in producing a cover that stands out and appeals to their intended readership.

  • Online marketing: The most important aspect of our book marketing services is marking your book online. Online marketing is essential for a book's success in the current digital era. Making an author website, improving the book's metadata for search engines, and interacting with readers on social media are all examples of how we market a book online.

  • Promoting the book: When the book is prepared for release, we market it to the intended readership. This can involve planning book reviews, hosting author events, and generating promotional materials.

  • Measuring and Adapting: Just like with any marketing effort, it's critical to gauge the success of the book marketing plan and make any necessary adjustments. This can involve keeping track of sales, observing internet activity, and getting reader feedback to enhance future marketing initiatives.


What our clients have to say about our book marketing services

“More people have read my book than I could have ever anticipated thanks to your book promotion services. Your team and I collaborated extensively to create a unique marketing strategy that suited my requirements and my budget. My book sales have improved dramatically since working with you, and the results speak for themselves.” - Jane Gilbert

"As a debut author, I was intimidated by the idea of marketing my work. But the procedure was made simple and pleasurable by your book marketing and promotion staff. They assisted me at every stage, from producing a great book cover to developing a thorough social media plan. I'm overjoyed with the outcomes and eager to work with you once more.” - Peter Samuel

"Your book promotion services went above and beyond what I expected. You not only assisted me in promoting my book successfully, but you also offered insightful advice on how to develop my author brand. Your crew was helpful, competent, and enjoyable to work with. Any author seeking to be successful in the cutthroat publishing world would get my highest recommendation for your services.” - Nancy Reed

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